About Us

By Sheryl Lynn Apparel LLC is a business designed with you in mind, we specialize in your body, your style, making apparel "Fit For You & All Our Curves!" As a result of 30 years of apparel manufacturing fittings Sheryl has created By Sheryl Lynn Apparel Clothing Line with a size scale "You-Me-We+" with emphasis on fit and comfort. Jeans, Jackets, Dresses, Skirts and Tops in breathable fabrics, blended cottons and denim. By Sheryl Lynn Apparel base size of 32" waist, 25" thigh, 42" hip and grade size scale is unique and will be as close to custom fit for the uniquely curvy lady. Personally needing a jean that would fit ME, my thighs, my bottom, my waist the By Sheryl Lynn Collection grew from there. And yes we cater to our men as well. By Sheryl Lynn size scale "You-Me-We+" The PLUS Symbol includes Women She Size & Men sizing "He-Him-His" along with custom made orders based on clients body measurements.